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The aquastat on a hot water boiler is essentially a combination heating control. The aquastat monitors the water temperature in the boiler through the use of a copper bulb that stays in contact with the water inside the boiler and that shuts down the boiler automatically if the low- …

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AQUASTAT CONTROL Functions Guide to the functions of a typical heating boiler combination control aquastat like the Honeywell R8182D, the Honeywell L8124A, and the Honeywell L8151A. Installation Manuals. Guide to the Honeywell 6006 Single Function Boiler Limit Control, How to set the HI LO and DIFF on a heating boiler control How to disable the Aquastat LO circuit when abandoning a tankless

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2019-6-11 · Aquastat Temperature Control – The boiler aquastat controls the temperature of the water inside the boiler jacket. The boiler aquastat is a device to a boiler like a thermostat is to an air conditioner, heat pump, or gas/oil furnace.

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The aquastat is controlling the temperature of the hot water — not the steam (that is controlled by a pressure controller on the boiler — which should be set to no more than 1.5 psi). If this is a hot water coil in the boiler itself (that is, no indirect tank) you need to have a mixing valve on the hot water output, to avoid scalding people.

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2010-4-9 · The boiler aquastat control device is used to regulate the temperature of water in your boiler and operate the pump that circulates hot water in the heating system. The way in which the boiler aquastat operates is the same way in which device that controls pressure for a boiler that is powered by steam.

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The aquastat controls the circ. But I noticed it seems to shut the pump down if the low is set to hi, once cold water starts flowing back to boiler, not letting the heat leave the boiler. Should I lower the lo setting? Should I swap out control as the temp. setting dont seem to be correct ( actual boiler temp.

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ZHONGYUAN Boiler is a manufacturer of Modular Hot Water and Steam Heating systems that are substantially more efficient than traditional large boilers.

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Best settings for a heating boiler aquastat control: Here we explain how to choose the best settings for a heating boiler aquastat – the combination control that sets boiler temperature and may also control hot water production via a tankless coil on the heating boiler.. We also give advice on how to set the aquastat controls if heating with a woodstove.

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The boiler will also re-fire when the boiler water temperature goes below a range around the low limit. This low limit is intended for tankless domestic hot water, ensuring that boiler water remains warm enough to heat domestic hot water. Aquastat wells are used in conjunction with aquastats.

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